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5 Bridges for Finances Workshop presented by Jacob Moore
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"5 BRIDGES FOR FINANCES" Virtual Workshop presented by Jacob Moore

"5 Bridges for Finances" Workshop ReplayJacob Moore | 5 Bridges
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Presenter and 5 Bridges Creator, Jacob Moore, shares, "I started off pretty poor. My family lived in a trailer park until I was in middle school. All I knew about money was that we didn’t have it and my mom and stepdad fought about it a lot. The only relationship I had with money was a negative one. Financial wellness is just as important as physical, emotional, relational and spiritual wellness. It’s important to talk about money with our partners, family and even children!"


How many of you grew up talking about money with your parents? Depending on how and where you grew up, your relationship with money might be somewhat bankrupt too. You can shift how you relate to money. Financial literacy is learned, not inherited. Rather than just blame money for problems, it’s important to take a look at how we relate to money. And that's just what we will do together in this workshop! 

Join us as we dive into how 5 Bridges can help us learn more about the ways we Bond, Fuel, Move, Give, and even Rest with that sometimes heavy

Meet Jacob Moore

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Jacob Moore

Founder & CEO - 5 BRIDGES

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“5 Bridges has really helped me to make some serious positive changes in my life and I am so excited to see how it can help me continue to grow and change.”


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