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Nature Walk
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A little time in nature can have a big impact on your life! Research shows as little
as 5 hours per month can create positive health outcomes. When paired with
5 Bridges wellness planning, you can use outside time to help overcome the
challenges that are holding you back from thriving in life.
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Activity Examples
BOND with Nature
o Find a peaceful place in the park to reflect. How can you appreciate the natural beauty and draw energy from this connection?

FUEL yourself with Nature
o Think about all the ways we take in Nature – what do we see, hear, smell, taste, feel?
MOVE in Nature
o We can move in Nature in lots of ways – walk on a trail, swim in the lake, swing in a hammock, breathe the air, etc. How do you best like to move?
REST in Nature
o Let your mind take a break from the stimulation of the town/city, technology, lights, etc. Sit for 10 minutes and bring awareness to Nature.
GIVE back to Nature
o Opportunities can include volunteerism, or other simple things like picking up litter or gently taking down stacked river rocks to improve habitats for creek critters. How will you give?
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We teamed up with Mount Rogers Community Services, and Hungry Mother State Park, to pilot our 5 Bridges Wellness In Nature immersive project, Forest Fridays. This 5-week program took participants out of the offices and into nature for restorative time each week, grounded in our 5 Bridges system. It was a great success with participants spending a collective 260+ hours in the park to-date.


It looks like the press agrees. Be sure to click the quotes below to read more!

"The ultimate healing environment" - Bristol Herald Courier

"Forest Fridays aims to promote mental healing at Hungry Mother" - SWVA Today

"Southwest Virginia state park program touts healing environment" - The Roanoke Times

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5 Bridges is holistic and practical wellness presented in an easy-to-adopt system. Created by Jacob Moore, Founder of NoStigmas mental health nonprofit, this evidence-informed system is the result of two decades of research, clinical opinion, lived expertise, and experimentation. From inpatient and outpatient facilities, private and public schools, for-profit and non-profit organizations, we empower staff and clients to build resilience and learn to thrive in life. More than 10,000 individuals have been served to date—with over 5,000 in Virginia Community Service Agencies alone.