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 5 Bridges Wellness Fairs are a celebration of health resources in the community. Attendees get to experience self-care approaches through local wellness practitioners while enjoying food, fun, music and connection. This family-friendly event is open to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds who want to explore new ways to help support their own wellness journey!

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MAY 18, 2022 |  Chesterfield, Virginia
Chesterfield Community Services Board

We had a blast being a part of the Chesterfield County's fair and getting to know their community. We thank them for allowing us to support the health and wellness of their staff through the 5 Bridges. Check out some photos below from the fair! 


MAY 20, 2022 | Marion, Virginia
Mt. Rogers Community Services Board 

We also had a great time getting to know the huge community of Marion County through the service of Mt. Rogers CSB. It was a massive success of a fair, and we think the photos speak for themselves check them out! 

We offer an exciting Wellness Fair package! Wellness fairs bring people together in a community and celebrate all the amazing ways local partners help build resilience. We offer guidance, marketing, and event planning services as part of this offering. Let us help you upgrade wellness in your community with a 5 Bridges Wellness Fair today!


5 Bridges is holistic and practical wellness presented in an easy-to-adopt system. Created by Jacob Moore, Founder of NoStigmas mental health nonprofit, this evidence-informed system is the result of two decades of research, clinical opinion, lived expertise, and experimentation. From inpatient and outpatient facilities, private and public schools, for-profit and non-profit organizations, we empower staff and clients to build resilience and learn to thrive in life. More than 10,000 individuals have been served to date—with over 5,000 in Virginia Community Service Agencies alone.


We envision an expansive culture of wellness where everyone has access to the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in life. By empowering organizations, wellness practitioners, and clients with the 5 Bridges system, we can create a worldwide community of total wellness. Lifelong wellness begins by meeting people where they are and growing from there. Through 5 Bridges coaching and workshops, anyone can discover opportunities to improve their wellness through strategies and tools that are simple to implement and build resilience.We aim to be the go-to standard for holistic wellness programming.


We aim to be the go-to standard for holistic wellness programming. To accomplish this, we’ve created opportunities for engagement on three levels: Organizational leaders Staff and volunteers Clients and community


We meet individuals where they are and grow from there, create a culture of wellness within organizations and communities, strengthen existing networks through program integration, bring added value and revenue opportunities to providers, show measurable program outcomes. Our Objectives & Outcomes are to empower individuals to take ownership of their wellness, help build sustainable wellness practices, introduce modalities that build resilience, utilize wellness as prevention, and increase one's capacity to thrive in life.