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Boundaries Workshop - Presented by Lindsay Moore
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We've all had the experience of having a boundary crossed, and likely the follow-up feelings of, "I wish I had handled that differently." But how DO we handle those situations in the future, and set ourselves up for healthier relationships with ourselves, our loved ones, and our colleagues? In this workshop, we cover:

  • Identifying what our personal boundaries are

  • Tangible strategies + examples for communicating them effectively to others

  • Overcoming challenges of enforcing and maintaining boundaries

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"To the Limit: Creating Healthy Boundaries" Virtual Workshop







Lindsay Moore (she/her) is a DONA-trained birth doula, healthcare consultant, and former hospice volunteer. She also holds a Communications degree– all that's to say, talking about birth, death, and everything in between comes pretty naturally for her.

She is passionate about helping her clients have the most empowering and present healthcare experiences possible, balancing an evidence-based approach with honoring each person's intuition and expertise on their own bodies. 


Having seen firsthand the impact of excellent support, Lindsay is on a mission to create a culture of ownership around our health by promoting compassionate listening through fierce advocacy.

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Meet Your Host

As Lindsay mentioned, she is a Full-Spectrum Doula and Communication Specialist. We welcome you to reach out to her directly to say hello, share how those boundaries are looking, as well as set up a consultation with her about the services and coaching she provides. You can reach her via email anytime at Learn more at @HelloHarmonia on Instagram and at

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Lindsay Moore

Full Spectrum Doula | Communication Specialist

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“5 Bridges has really helped me to make some serious positive changes in my life and I am so excited to see how it can help me continue to grow and change.”


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