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Therapeutic Touch Workshop
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"Therapeutic Touch for Stress Management" Virtual Workshop presented by Edward Ulm, Expert Body Therapist & Neurotrauma Lecturer 

Therapeutic Touch For Managing Stress Workshop Audio OnlyEdward Ulm + 5 Bridges
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Current Nobel Prize-winning science is giving us fresh insights into what it means to feel. We as humans create our reality, behavior and meaning through the feelings and sensations of our bodies. No sense is more central to us than the internal and external nature of touch, which is why touch as a therapy has been utilized for thousands of years to manage stress. Edward Ulm introduces the concepts and simple demonstrations of therapeutic touch for stress management, both in one-on-one and self-practice. 

Edward's wife, Keli, assists him in his demonstrations. Keli is a 500hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainer & Hatha Yoga instructor. She runs Keli D. Yoga, a deep online teacher training program in the philosophy of Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga.