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Engaging Patients Workshop

Provider Communication Strategies

Engaging Patients Workshop
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If you’ve ever been rushed, intimidated, or pressured during a healthcare appointment, you know what it’s like to feel that your voice isn’t being heard by your provider. But what if you could feel confident in sharing your thoughts, asking informed questions, and treated as a respected collaborator in your health? Learning how to advocate for yourself is a key step in taking charge of your wellness.   

In this workshop, we’ll explore:

  • 3 easy-to-remember questions to always ask 

  • Building the relationship you want with your healthcare provider

  • Addressing barriers to quality communication

  • Strategies for approaching tough conversations effectively

Join us to learn tangible skills for self-advocacy in healthcare. Sponsored by Mount Rogers Community Services.

Lindsay Rathert (she/her) is a DONA trained birth doula, with advanced studies in perinatal loss. She also holds a Communications degree from Northwestern University.

While completing her doula training, Lindsay volunteered at a hospice, and began to see birth and death as one central threshold, instead of two ends of a spectrum. We all have to walk through those doors alone, but excellent support can mean the difference between 'suffering' and 'transformation.'

She is passionate about helping individuals and families have the most empowering and present experiences possible, balancing an evidence-based approach with honoring each client's intuition and expertise on their own bodies. Lindsay is on a mission to create a culture of ownership around those radical moments of transition by promoting compassionate listening, fierce advocacy, and a real, "F*, yes" attitude.

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Lindsay Rathert

Jacob Moore

Dona-Trained Doula

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Creator & Chief Coach

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