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Navigating Triggers & Intrusive Thoughts

Through Mindfulness & CBT

Navigating Triggers & Intrusive Thoughts
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In this workshop, Emily Capshaw and Jacob Moore dive deep into exploring two mindfulness and CBT-based exercises that can help us navigate and overcome the thoughts and patterns that imprison us. They will offer insights on triggers and intrusive thoughts and how to manage them. Tune-in as they share their expertise, experiences and the benefits they've seen in themselves and others they work with. This workshop is available at no-cost with a free signup.


Navigating Triggers & Intrusive ThoughtsEmily Capshaw
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During this hour-long session, we deep dive into how to navigate triggers. Here's what we cover:

  • Using mindfulness to create the space to pause when activated 

  • Seeing triggers as teachers and an exercise for working with them

  • A CBT exercise for conquering intrusive thoughts

Plus, you'll get the Questioning Thoughts and Trigger Tools downloads to keep yourself on track!

Emily Capshaw is a writer, meditation teacher, and mental health advocate. In addition to her training in meditation and mindfulness, Emily is a certified life coach who specializes in using CBT techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. She is passionate about researching and learning new ways to support mental wellbeing and sharing her findings on her large platform. As a creative artist, she uses film and storytelling to spread messages that empower and heal. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok @Emily.Capshaw, and on Youtube.

Meet Your Hosts

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