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Upgrade Your Wellness: Go Beyond the 5 Bridges

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  • 14Schritte
Jeder, der alle Schritte abgeschließt, erhält am Ende des Programms ein Abzeichen.


Dive into this FREE online challenge that will give you actionable, tangible, and most importantly, SUSTAINABLE wellness tips and tools right in your inbox twice a week. If you are new here, think of this as a gentle stroll through what 5 Bridges is all about and how applying the holistic system to our everyday life can have life-changing impact. We'd love to have you join our coaching sessions as well. And for all of our 5 Bridgers, Coaches, Partners, and Alums of the program, think of this as a backpack of all-terrain tools to not only keep you on top of your Bridges, but to help you continue to explore and level up all the best parts of you. New years always carry such a weight of "changing and leaving all the 'bad' habits behind" -- so much deprivation and guilt, yuck. We don't want to ditch the "old you" for a "new you"....we think you are pretty great already. We are here to help you UPGRADE to 2.0 YOU with guidance, support, and community. Join us and we'll be with you every step of the way.


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