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Respond, Not React Workshop

How to Manage Stress & Anxiety

Respond, Not React
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Join Amanda Huggins and Jacob Moore for a deeper understanding of the differences between being reactive vs. being responsive during times of stress.


To live and work “responsively” requires thoughtfully and intentionally adapting our behaviors to our external stimuli.


During stressful times, however, most people default to a reactionary approach: a high-alert stress mode.


With the first month of the year already under our belts - while still in the midst of a pandemic -  it’s more important now than ever to cultivate a responsive approach to the world.


Respond, Not ReactAmanda Huggins
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During this hour long session, we'll deep dive into how to manage stress. Here's what we cover:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the difference between reactive and responsive behavior

  • Walk away with a better understanding of how to self-soothe amidst stressful circumstances 

  • Gain actionable, real-world tools for you to continue practicing responsiveness 

Plus you'll get a bonus download to help keep you on track!

Amanda Huggins is a professional Anxiety Coach and keynote speaker. After spending nearly a decade in the startup space, Amanda broke past her own fears to follow her calling for helping people break past their own internal barriers of self-worth, fear, and anxiety. Her unique blend of spiritual, scientific, and practical approaches has helped over 200 clients move beyond their anxious mind and into a state of deep personal success. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok @ItsAmandaHuggins and visit her website

Meet Your Hosts

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Amanda Huggins

Jacob Moore

Anxiety Coach

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