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This interactive 2-day training will give you the tools, materials and guidance needed to bring the 5 Bridges program to your clients and community.

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Over $4,500 value,
$2,500 for Agency Partners! 

  • 2-day group training with our Coach Training staff

  • Six hours of 5 Bridges system deep dive

  • Six hours of hands-on 5 Bridges presentations

  • 5 Bridges Coaching Roadmap 

  • Full access to all 5 Bridges guides, activities & strategies

  • Complete marketing guide and outreach materials

  • Free monthly workshop and curriculum development

  • Coach Huddle peer support and monthly planning group

  • Ongoing support and business expansion strategy

Registered for Coach Training? Great!
Here are your next steps.

First things first, let's get your training started with a brief online program to get you familiarized with the 5 Bridges System. This program will set up up for success for your more in-depth Coach Training, where you'll have the opportunity to practice teaching the system, engaging your clients, and implementing exciting activities to bring the coaching experience to life. Register below to get started. 

COACH TRAINING FAQs-background.png

Coach Training FAQs

  • Who can benefit from 5 Bridges?
    Anyone within your service area can use 5 Bridges— clients, staff, community, and even for billable hours. 5 Bridges is currently being used for youth programs, employee wellness, mental health clinic patients, substance use rehab, post-incarceration support, law enforcement and first responders, suicide and substance use prevention, community education, paired with crisis intervention programs, and for anyone who could use support in their wellness journey!
  • What tools, resources, and support are available?
    We'll provide you with a step-by-step roadmap for implementing the 5 Bridges program. This 3-part process prepares your agency, coaches and community for success with the system. Additionally, you'll receive our full curriculum, guides, and supplemental materials. You'll also have access to our team and your fellow Agency members for support. Watch the Agency Experience video for a preview of everything you'll gain access to.
  • Do you provide usage data or success metrics?
    Yes. On a quarterly basis, we report the total number of users from your group, how many of your group's codes have been redeemed, location data, number of sessions, and more. We combine this with the data you report to us for your grant and compliance purposes.
  • Will you help us with marketing & distribution?
    Absolutely. We can provide live talks, hosted webinars, tabling materials, cobranded social graphics, written email copy, and more. Basically, we do the "heavy lifting" so that you can focus on doing what you do best— serving your community! Check out the Agency Experience video for a preview of the marketing collateral and templates we provide.
  • How much does it cost?
    Depending on your needs and the size of your service area, we have options begnning at $2,500. Reach out for an Agency Discovery Call to discuss our service packages, license fees and Coach Training options.
  • How can we fund the program?
    Agency Partners primarily utilize grant funding for our program. Federal, state, local, coalition and private grants have all successfully been used. We can help by providing proven-effective grant templates, logic models, lessons learned, and case studies to help you sustainably fund 5 Bridges. Watch our Funding Info Session for strategies from the experts! Ready to get started? Schedule a 15-minute call and we'll walk you through the process.
  • What about HIPPA?
    We never ask you to share your client information with us. All site usage reported to you from your community is anonymous. Since we don't collect any medical information, we are not obligated to comply with HIPAA regulations. Despite this, we voluntarily submit to audits and reviews just to make sure we’re doing our part.

Meet the Team

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Jacob Moore

Founder & Chief Coach

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Lisa Bellia

Integrative Wellness Coach

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samantha crockett.jpeg

Samantha Crockett

5 Bridges Trainer

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Lance Bordelon

Marketing Coordinator

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“5 Bridges has really helped me to make some serious positive changes in my life and I am so excited to see how it can help me continue to grow and change.”


BOND is the act of connecting to anyone or anything that provides you with some form of support. This connection can include your beliefs, people, pets, places, objects and even knowledge — your sources of strength.

Get to Know the Bridges...

FUEL is anything and everything that goes into our systems in any way. Everything that goes in has an impact on the system!
MOVE is the kinesthetic output of your body. Most commonly, we think of exercise or physical fitness. This can be a big part of it, but MOVE can also include the micro movements that happen within our bodies all the time.
REST is any time our body, mind and spirit get to recover and reset. Sleep is our primary source of REST, but rest can also include other rejuvenating modalities as well.
The highest form of wellness is to GIVE. This act elevates us to another level of spiritual energy and feeds our soul in the most nourishing way.
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Thousands have already taken control of their lives with 5 Bridges —
join the 6-Week Wellness Roadmap virtual coaching group.
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